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Pecking Order Heroes on iOS!

This is a new area to list the all time Top Scoring Pecking Order players worldwide. Its just for fun, and yes i know
it's a little like comparing apples with oranges considering each day the contest changes, but it will be good to see just who gets
the all time top score.

Score By When
Your score here Your name The date 

if you email me your screenshot directly from within the game using the 'Share' button on the end screen, (that looks the one below)
and i'll check and add it here as soon as possible. I intend to automate the 
whole process so eventually it will take just a few minutes to appear. Images sent any other way or saved and sent wont be accepted.

Apple iOS only please. email

Want me to check out your video? just share your video with me by tagging your everyplay video with #pecking and i'll verify it. No pausing the game, and show the entire run. It will appear on the Pecking Order Heroes channel.

Pecking Order Heroes!